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All Aboard For Justice Provides Over A Dozen Turkeys to Carolinians Affected By Hurricane Florence

All Aboard For Justice (AAFJ) partnered with Publix, Walmart, members and volunteers to distribute over a dozen free turkeys this week that will provide Thanksgiving meals to families and seniors affected by Hurricane Florence along the South Carolina coast. With this year's turkey donations, AAFJ’s Thanksgiving Outreach program has helped provide holiday meals to more than 75 hurricane victims.

"It is hard to keep up with the financial burden that these storms place on coastal communities each year," said Patsy Graham of Green Sea, SC. "As a well user, I have water quality concerns after the flood waters have receded and I am truly thankful for assistance from the folks at All Aboard For Justice during this Thanksgiving holiday."

Photos (left-right): Green Sea community, Xavier Boatright (middle), Patsy Graham (right)

AAFJ met Patsy and some of her neighbors in Green Sea. Most folks were concerned about the quality of their well water after the major flood events that followed Hurricane Florence and how AAFJ might be able to reach out to other affected folks in the community. In addition to the turkeys, AAFJ also provided NSF certified water filtration systems to some of the impacted folks with water quality in Green Sea.

On Nov. 17 and Nov. 18, Xavier Boatright, Lead Organizer at AAFJ and volunteers gathered to distribute the Thanksgiving turkeys to folks impacted by Hurricane Florence. Impacted communities receiving turkeys were from Conway, Socastee, Green Sea, Lake City, and Manning. The turkeys will help to provide affordable holiday meals to those in need and still recovering after the hurricane.

"Every year, the hurricanes seem to be getting stronger. We recently recovered from damages caused last year by Hurricane Matthew and now Hurricane Florence has placed an even larger burden on our family as we begin to repair our home once again," said Virgiree Murray, of Manning.

Photo: Wilson community, Virgiree Murray (left), Xavier Boatright (right)

AAFJ delivered turkeys to impacted folks near Manning. Many of the folks we met in the rural community of Wilson (Clarendon County) have suffered from roof damages as a result of Hurricane Florence. There were also water quality concerns from local well users in the area.

"It has truly been a tough time for friends, family and me in Conway and surrounding areas after this Hurricane season." Christina McCoy said. “As a mother I try my best to stay informed to protect my child’s health and I am particularly concerned about any lingering environmental threats as a result of all the widespread flooding that occurred in the region.”

Hundreds of homes, businesses, waste lagoons and industrial facilities in Conway were inundated with flood waters for weeks after Hurricane Florence when the Waccamaw River crested at over 20 feet. The Waccamaw River flooded for approximately 29 days. AAFJ was grateful to have an opportunity to help folks from Conway by distributing turkeys to those in need and providing NSF certified water filtration systems to community members with water quality concerns.

Photo: Conway community, Christina McCoy (front/middle), Xavier Boatright (left)

"My community is having a really hard time keeping up with all the repairs to our homes," said, Kenny Cooper of Lake City. “It seems like once or twice a year we have to pay for major repairs to our homes and this has been really challenging for folks on a tight budget.”

Photo: Lake City community, Xavier Boatright (left), Kenny Cooper (right)

Socastee, SC was also severely impacted by Hurricane Florence’s flood waters. On the afternoon of November 17, AAFJ visited the Rosewood community near Socastee High School. Most folks were busy working hard on home repairs as a result of the devastating floods that impacted the community. “The Waccamaw River rose out of its banks after the hurricane and flooded this entire community leaving some houses underwater for over a week,” said Terrance Butler of Socastee. “I has been difficult times for many in Socastee after the flooding and the holiday assistance that All Aboard For Justice has provided is much needed and appreciated.”

Photo Grid: Turkey donation x1 photo (Publix), Flood damage and repair efforts x7 photos (Socastee, SC), Damaged roof x1 photo (Manning, SC)

In recent years, South Carolinians have disproportionately felt the impacts of Climate Change. Historic flood events and major storms have plagued rural, low-income and minority communities faster and more frequently than most can afford to keep up with. The increased frequency of these events highlight the need to transition away from dirty fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gasses and contribute significantly to climate change. South Carolinians deserve sustainable energy and the many permanent jobs created by transitioning to renewables.

There is still much to be done to help SC’s coastal communities bounce back from Hurricane Florence before the next hurricane season. All Aboard For Justice will continue to relentlessly support these communities in their recovery efforts. Learn more about how YOU can help support these communities as they recoup and rebuild by reaching out to Xavier Boatright ( or making a kind and generous contribution to their efforts here!

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